Litter A, All Grown Up

Litter A just turned 4 months old. Happy birthday Litter A! Over the time that they were with us, they have been loving, caring and fluffy companions, and they continue to be to thier new owners.

AMADEUS LAVALIER, lives now in Rawdon, QC



AMETHYST LAVALIER, lives now with Marie and Michael in Ottawa, ON



ATLAS LAVALIER, lives now with Marie and Michael in Ottawa, ON



ANABELLE LAVALIER, lives with Marie-Claude in Montreal, QC



ARIZONA LAVALIER, lives now with Sandra and Chloe in Montreal, QC



ARCHIMEDES LAVALIER, lives now with Rachel, Larry and their kids in South Korea


Amadeus began to purr

Today Amadeus, our musical genius, reaffirmed his musical skills by being the first one to purr! We are overjoyed that our kittens are making progress. We look forward to the other kittens' accomplishments in the future.

Litter A, Two Weeks Old

On September 29, our kittens turned 2 weeks old.
With their eyes open and legs strong, they can now (somewhat) walk without tumbling down on the first few steps. Despite the great achievements, their heads are still big and heavy, and hard to lift.

Litter A2 1

What better way to rest your big heavy head, then on a brother’s back?

Litter A2 2

Even though we're still small, we already know how to ask for treats. You just have to make
really cute eyes, and look like this...

Litter A2 3

Or pretend to be very, very sad...

Litter A2 4

Aren't I cute?

Litter A2 5

Ohh look, a shiny.

Litter A2 6

If anyone has never seen a baby centipede-cat, now is your chance.

Litter A2 7

The beautiful mom, with her emerald eyes, is the smartest cat. All we had to do was ask her to
take pictures of her kittens, and she just laid down and watched, making sure that not a single one of her fluffy treasures escaped her sight.

Litter A2 8