We have kittens and cats for sale!

As a relaxing summer and a hectic start of the school year come to an end, it becomes time to settle down, establish a nice routine, and find a fluffy warm companion to get ease some of that hardworking Fall stress. Winter is coming, and what better way to prepare for the serene Netflix nights ahead than adopting a curious couch-buddy. We happen to have some eager volunteers for you! 

We also have some kittens from Litter Y. Their mother is Klukva, and they were born on May 16, 2019. All of them are exceptionally friendly and would make fantastic companions for children or anyone in need of a supportive friend.

Girl #6 is a black golden mackerel tabby and the only darker kitten in the litter. She likes to be petted but doesn't like to play with other kittens much. She is quiet and gentle.

Y2 Girl6

Y2 Girl6 1