Our fluffy bundles of joy just turned 7 weeks old! They are all purrfectly healthy, happy, and enjoy cuddling with us.
siberian cats

Boy #1 is very cuddly, and spends all of his time either in someone’s lap, or on someone’s bed. He is very attached to people.
siberian kitten ontario

siberian kitten toronto

Boy #2 loves being petted. He looks for attention all the time, is very gentle and kind.
siberian kitten mississauga

siberian kitten gta

Boy #3 enjoys both playing around and cuddling. When he’s not purring on someone’s lap, he’s chasing his big brothers and sisters, or hunting our baby’s toys.
siberian kitten windsor

siberian kitten quebec

The Girl is very gentle, polite, and likes to care for her siblings. Sometimes when her brothers get really excited and really playful, she comes up to them and starts grooming them and calming them down.
siberian kitten montreal

siberian kitten london