Queen Ziva

Hi Nikolay and Svetlana,

I wanted to share a couple of pictures of Queen Ziva. She is the sweetest thing! Everyone absolutely adores her, even our two big dogs. Queen Ziva is...a queen. She rules the house! Hahaha! She is cute and she knows it and she has everyone wrapped around her cute little paw. She wrestles with the dogs and will jump on them in her stealthy manner. She will then pretend that nothing happened. David and I believe that she thinks she is a dog. She drinks out of the dog water bowl and waits for get their kibble. She will start eating their food before the dogs come in from outside. Every Sunday morning she is with the dogs begging for a piece of bacon hahaha!

She is so cuddly and affectionate and she is very much loved!

We will buy another cat in the next year or so.

Kind Regards,




Ersil Kasey

Good Morning

just a few Pictures of (Ersil) Kasey

He has been to the Vets Twice and is now 7 Pounds at 6 Months Old, He is a Loving Kitten Ana's has brought Much Love to Our Home.





Cleo Lavalier 2018

Happy new year!

Here are some pictures of Cleo. She is such a patient and loving little cat. I'm sure that she senses Molly the dog Who she has been very patient with and finally made friends with is a senior with a few health problems. Cleo is like her nurse always around her even trying to groom her. She is a lovely sweet and a Beautiful cat.










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