On the 22nd of April, litter L turned 2 months old. They have already received their first vaccination and vet check. They are healthy, and very brave, because none of them were afraid of the needle.

siberian kittens for sale

LOKI LAVALIER (Boy #1), reserved for Rhonda and Duane in Ottawa, ON
hypoallergenic kitten canada

hypoallergenic cat canada

LIAM LAVALIER (Boy #2), reserved for Janika in Montréal, QC
siberian kitten canada

siberian cat canada

LAYLA CATARINA LAVALIER (Girl #1), reserved for Maarten in Pickering, ON
funny cat canada

funny kitten canada

LAIKA LAVALIER (Girl #2), reserved for Ana in Montréal, QC
hypoallergenic kitten toronto

hypoallergenic kitten ontario