Just not too long ago, the kittens of litter N were so small that they could sleep on your palm, and now they each of them could take up half the crib, leaving our daughter with almost no room to sleep.
Recently, the kittens had their first vet visit, and were found healthy and strong. They bravely got their first vaccinations and de-worming.

siberian cats canada

NICODEMUS LAVALIER (Boy #1) is reserved for Nadine and Scot in Montreal, QC.
siberian kitten toronto

siberian kitten ontario

NEKO LAVALIER (Boy#2) is reserved for Leo in Calgary, AB.
siberian cat toronto

siberian cat ontario

NUGGET LAVALIER (Boy #3) is reserved for Rhonda and Duane in Ottawa, ON.
hypoallergenic kitten toronto

hypoallergenic kitten ontario

NATALYA LAVALIER (The Girl) is reserved for Craig in Ottawa, ON.
hypoallergenic cat toronto

hypoallergenic cat ontario