On the 12th of December, litter U turned 2 months old! Our wish is that litter U will stay as cuddly, sweet and friendly as they are!
Siberian Kittens For Sale Ontario

ULYSSE LAVALIER (BOY #1) is reserved for Stéphanie in Ottawa, ON
Cute Siberian Kitten

Cute Kitten Memes

UGO THEODORE LAVALIER (BOY #2) is reserved for Elena in Ottawa, ON
Fluffy Siberian Kitten

Cuddly Siberian Kitten

ULUNA HOLLYWOOD LAVALIER (GIRL #1) is reserved for Meghan in Ottawa, ON
Adorable Kitten For Sale

Very Cuddly Siberian Kitten

URIELLA CELESTE LAVALIER (Girl#2) is reserved for Brigitte and Roxy Elsa Lavalier in Gatineau, QC
Siberian Kitten for sale

Funny Siberian Kitten