LITTER "I" 2017

On the 7th of November, Marmeladka gave birth to Litter I. There are three beautiful girls and two boys.


Boy #1 is a gold mackerel tabby. He is an amazing, gentle kitten.


Boy1 1

Boy #2 is a blue-golden mackerel tabby. He is fluffy and loves to cuddle with people! He is a little timid, but definitely very friendly!


Boy2 1

Girl #1 is a golden marble tabby. She, with her sister Girl #2, are twins. Like her sister, she is friendly and playful. 


Girl1 1

Girl #2 is a golden marble tabby and the twin sister of Girl #1. She, like her sister, is cuddly and always loves being around people!


Girl2 1

Girl #3 is a golden mackerel tabby. She is a gorgeous princess: delicate, regal and elegant.


Girl3 1