Just recently, Quinta's kittens from litter D turned 2 months old. Surprisingly this litter is very close in personality and behavior; the differences between the kittens are only slight.

LAVALIER D.J. JASPURRR is always active and playful, and really loves to chase his brothers and sister around the house. Sometimes he likes to purr and get petted, but soon after he goes right back to being his energetic self.

Boy1 1

LAVALIER DIGGER lives now with Patricia in Ottawa, ON, is a mix of the 2 kittens. He likes to both play and purr, but is not as active as D.J. Jaspurrr, and doesn't purr as much as BOY NUMBER THREE. He likes to play with the other kittens, but purrs when we pet him.

Boy2 2

LAVALIER DUKE lives now with Theresa in Manotick, ON, is an absolute purring machine. He purrs 24/7, cuddles with everyone he sees, and adores getting petted. However, he loves to play as well. He plays with the other kittens, and will always chase the laser pointer when he sees it.

Boy3 1

LAVALIER DARIA lives now with Shannon and James in Ottawa, ON, is also a mix. Not too long ago she was the most playful kitten we had, always jumping around and trying to climb up everything she saw, but she started changing not too long ago, and now she is slowly becoming a really cuddle-loving kitten.