Roman Georgi Lavalier

Hi Svetlana and family,

Here is another YouTube video featuring Georgi that you may like :)


Youtube video is HERE

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News about Cleo Lavalier

Good morning,

I just went onto your website and was more then pleased to see the pics of Cleo along with my grooming info. Thank you so very much. I have a customer who has a Neva masquerade her name is Alison she is thinking about getting another and if she does it will be from you. I gave her all the info and brought Cleo over to see her and she thought she was so beautiful and sweet. She noticed the difference between the two.I assured her that you are fantastic breeders.

I recently moved and now have a balcony which I have enclosed for the cats. Cleo loves it and is quite the little huntress. She loves catching bugs that fly in. I choose chicken wire instead of screen for that reason. There is also places to climb. So she can go in and out pretty much as she pleases.It's funny cause my other cat Wendal he loves the sun and laying on my wicker love seat Cleo however would rather lay in a flower pot in the dirt.

I am just as happy with her now as I was the first day I met her. She is an absolute love. She is very kind to everyone and everything a beautiful breed.. Thank you again..

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Rivka Chloe in her new home

Hi everyone, I will send pictures this evening. My wife opened our dog Brandi's crate this morning and Brandi and Rivka Chloe walk out together! They play with each other all the time and now they sleep with each other!