Roman Georgi Lavalier in his new house

Hi Svetlana,

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Roman Georgi is doing great, he is so sweet and gentle and never even cried yet. He always wants to cuddle and he sleeps right by my face all night. This afternoon we let him see my other cat for the first time and it went great. All in all I am so happy and very thankful of the wonderful job you do with your cats. Its shows how much you love them...

I also included a link to the video I made about Georgi. It promotes the facebook site I created where you can see Georgi's life day by day :) 

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Cleo Lavalier

Time has gone by so quickly and Cleo turned one year old on the 27th of June. Cleo is an absolute love and everyone who meets her falls in love with her gentle ways and soft spirit. Cleo comes daily for her brushing. She loves to be brushed and is quite demanding to have it done. She lays on my lap on her back spread out taking in all the brushing and love. I could not be more pleased with Cleo, her beauty and gentle soul.


Cleo has a beautiful coat. I feed her a raw diet in the morning and wet food as you recommended. A few crunchies here and there but more as a treat. I also put hearing oil on the food sometimes. I have another cat as well now Wendal he is 6 years old and Cleo loves him. They play together and clean each other she is more of the cleaner.

My friend who is very allergic to cats has no reaction when around Cleo. If you happen to have anyone interested that lives in this area I would be more then happy to have them come and meet Cleo.



Thank you again for raising such beautiful Siberians.

Panda Jerry and Cleo Lavalier


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