Hi!  Here is a recent picture of gryphon.

He is such a good boy!  My children love him and are looking forward to his first birthday!  My husband and I also get much pleasure from him.  Visitors are always amazed at how friendly and chirpy he is! 

He is already 11 lbs.  very well behaved, he is quiet when we are asleep, he comes to wake us every morning at 530 am, and brings us a toy mouse as a gift. 

As you can see, he is very tolerant of the children and they love carrying him around the house and he seems to enjoy the attention.   He sleeps with my 4 year old and gently wakes him up when nap time is over.  Gryphon sits very well when I brush him and and when I trim his nails. 

His newest trick is that he catches flies and eats them!  And he's quite accurate and fast.  

He's learned not to run outside but you can tell he really wants to explore the yard.   I wouldn't mind if he played on the grass but he wants to explore the flower beds.  Then his underside gets so dirty, it takes a long time to brush him out. 

Surprisingly he will be curious and join my six year old in the shower.  I don't encourage it, but find it amusing. 

We recently babysat my neighbours 12 yr cat- easily 15 lbs.  Gryphon quickly asserted his dominance, would wrestle the other cat, hog the food, and would position himself at a higher spot to watch him ie from a chair, or stair.  The interesting thing was gryphon stopped playing with us when he was defending our house from the other cat! 

Anyhow, I cannot express how pleased I am with gryphon. 

Take care!! Viola