Egbert Archi Pillowhero Lavalier


I wanted to send you an update on Archie Egbert! He is an absolutely amazing addition to our family. Not only is he so sweet, he also has an hilarious personality ... he's always making us laugh!

Archie cuddles with us everyday (his love is unconditional). He loves to play with us and his furbrother (we have a large golden doodle dog)... Archie loves dogs (sometime we wonder if he thinks he's a dog haha).

He loves the outdoors in the summer (we bought him a little closed in outdoor play pen).

We just celebrated our "one year" of Archie joining our family. He is so so loved by us and we are so thankful that he's ours. Thank you again for providing us with such a sweet, healthy and happy cat!

Shaileen and Dan